The 3 Essentials Data Centre Security Aspects for Web Hosting Companies

The 3 Essentials Data Centre Security Aspects for Web Hosting Companies

With increased cases of data theft, security of client data is becoming crucial for web hosting companies. That’s why most web hosts are drifting towards off-site data centers to secure their servers. While remote data centers offer security for client data, not all web hosting providers offer the same level of security. When looking for a provider that offers remote data center hosting, it essential that you choose one that aligns with your business needs. Security needs vary from one business to another and finding one that matches your needs is critical for the maximum security of your website.

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Although security needs vary from one business to another, businesses should consider 3 main aspects of the security of a data center:

Data can be fully secured if web hosting providers store it in multiple locations

When you’re running a website that deals with customers sensitive information, make sure the data is as secure as possible. You can achieve this by choosing a web hosting company that has data centers in multiple locations. With various data centers, an extra layer of security is provided, making your customer data very safe. Also, when a glitch occurs, it’s very easy to recover data if it’s replicated in multiple locations.

Security of the web hosting facility

Your data security is largely dependent on the security of facility it’s stored in. When out there looking for the best data center, take the time to check out the level of security outside and within the premises. A great data center should have top-notch security and thoroughly vet anyone accessing the facility. The security safeguards should include fingerprint scanning, as well as secure authentication of key cards.

And on top of all that, the data center should include surveillance cameras, as well as 24/7 onsite personnel. The data center should have around-the-clock support, and the systems should also be monitored all the time. This enables rapid response in case an emergency occurs.

The web hosting data center should be SAS 70 Type II compliant

This is the most recognized auditing standard for data centers. In fact, it has become mandatory for web hosting providers looking to host their data off-site to comply with it. This complaint certificate guarantees that the web hosting company follows all the security protocols necessary to secure customer data.


Besides security, the data center should also come with power back up to eliminate any possibility of downtime. There should be systems in place to prevent any hardware problems. For example, the facility should have advanced cooling systems.

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