4 Main Ways to Secure Your Dedicated Web Hosting Server

4 Main Ways to Secure Your Dedicated Web Hosting Server

While dedicated web hosting dedicates all the server resources to you, it’s not completely immune to security threats. Hackers are always hard at work to sharpen their hacking skills, which means even the most protected servers are vulnerable. The most common security vulnerabilities associated with dedicated servers include:

Malware risks: Malware is a piece of software that is disseminated by hackers to disable and damage computers and its systems. It can also copy all information available in your database. This is dangerous if you store your financial details on your computer, as hackers can access them and drain your accounts.

Tips about:

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Password breaches: The web hosting provider compels you to create a password for your web hosting account. But even with a password, hackers can figure it out and access your website.

DoS Attacks: DoS stands for Denial of Service: This is a common attack, and it can make your website unavailable. It’s where hackers make a network or a system unavailable for users. Essentially, this attack indefinitely or temporarily suspends or interrupts web hosting services.

With that knowledge in mind, we can go directly to ways to secure your dedicated web hosting server

  1. Create a strong password for your web hosting account

The web hosting company will always want you to create an account with them before you can host your website. This is where hackers can take advantage to breach your password, especially if you create a weak password. Create a strong password whenever you’re setting up your dedicated web hosting account. Make sure it’s a long password with a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols so that no hacker can guess it. Also, make sure you change your passwords often to prevent the possibilities of hackers getting close to figuring it out.

  1. Always maintain your web hosting databases

If you are on a dedicated web hosting plan, this is something you should be doing to insulate them from SQL injection, more so when gathering sensitive client information.

  1. Regular update of web hosting software

The web hosting provider should update their software regularly. This is important to disrupt the activities of hackers. Make sure you determine this before you sign up with any web hosting company.

  1. Scanning, as well as testing web hosting your server on a regular basis

While a dedicated server is secure, you should play your part by ensuring the host frequently scans and tests to ensure it’s completely safe. Ascertain that they do that before choosing them.

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